How to Use Tempeh Recipe Book

You will find Tempeh is firmer than tofu and has a more grainy texture. It is made from fermented soybeans and has a nutty flavor. It’s packed with protein as well as fiber, calcium, and vitamins. One of the advantages to cooking with tempeh is that you don’t have to press it. Just slice it, dice it, or grind it up in a food processor. If you find it is a bit bitter, try steaming it for a few minutes before using it. Tempeh ts the perfect texture to emulate fish in recipes. It also is a great substitute for ground beef in chilies and other dishes. 

Here are some of the Recipes included in this book:

Bolognese Sauce

Soy Maple Tempeh Bowl

Tempeh ‘Fish’ N’ Chips With Tartar Sauce

Tempeh ‘Crab’ Cakes with Horseradish-Dill Mayo

Tempeh Gyros With Tofu Tzatziki

Balsamic BBQ Seitan and Tempeh Ribs

Sweet and Spicy Rub Spicy Balsamic Marinade Basic BBQ Sauce

Pomegranate Sweet and Sour Tempeh

Tempeh in Spicy Onion Curry

Sweet and Spicy Rub

Pineapple Island Marinade

Spanish Chile Marinade

Basic BBQ Sauce

Chinese BBQ Sauce

and More…….

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Tempeh Recipe Book
Tempeh Recipe Book
How to use Tempeh and Recipes

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